Coding and HIM Optimization

Physicians using Vincari deliver highly specific and compliant documentation, 100% of the time creating a single pass process that requires zero queries and delivers ICD-10 code-appropriate language at the point of care.

Physician Adoption and Alignment

Physicians embrace our intuitive platform because it saves them time, preserves their personal context, and speeds their reimbursement. Developed by physicians for physicians.

Improved Reimbursement and Time-To-Bill

Physicians are prompted in real-time to include the necessary level of specificity for both diagnoses and procedures, thus producing code-appropriate language.
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Virtual Assistant for Physicians

Virtual Assistant for physicians that captures ICD-10 specific and Joint Commission compliant details at the point of care
Vincari is one of the most well-written, intuitive, and easy to use pieces of software ever written. It most definitely cuts down on time, increases specificity of diagnoses and therefore billing, and certainly allows for more accurate and meaningful documentation that increases both revenue and patient safety, and ultimately allows us to deliver better, more efficient medical care to our patients.
Dr. Drexel Dobson, General Surgeon, user
Wuesthoff Medical Center – Rockledge