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Value-Based Care is in the process of reshaping the entire healthcare landscape and physicians are not immune to this change. This transition is restructuring patient care and reimbursement, putting more emphasis on cost reduction and patient outcomes.

What does Value-Based Care mean to Physicians?

Many physicians are unsure about the transition to Value-Based Care. It is reported that 78 percent of physicians are concerned that value-based care models will overlook quality improvements that do not fall under specific performance goals, and 62 percent of physicians are concerned that performance goals will be unreasonable in Value-Based Care Models.

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2016.11.27 value provider 2Providers are in a difficult position in today’s healthcare climate. They are faced with the challenge of delivering quality patient care while still managing their costs in an effective way. Hospital leadership has distinct goals of financial stability, positive relationships with physicians, and smart investments in innovative information systems that ideally will come together to create a successful healthcare operation.

The Shift

With the current volume-based care model, providers are rewarded for the number of procedures and services performed as opposed to the patient’s outcome from the services that were provided. Many agree that the shift to value-based care is going to be better for the patient, but how can this shift positively impact the provider? And how can the provider be better prepared for the changes that are to come?

What Should Providers Do?

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Maqbool PatelThe Society for Design and Process Science (SDPS) will be hosting their 21st International Conference in Orlando, FL from December 4 – 6, 2016 at Rosen College of Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida. Vincari’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Maqbool Patel, will be a featured Keynote speaker and discuss “Developing Software for Healthcare – A CTO’s Perspective.”

About SDPS

SDPS has a vision to be a catalyst for change, enabling the discovery of new approaches that lead to alternative solutions for the increasingly complex problems that face civilization.  The 21st International Conference will host industrialists and academicians interested in transformative transdisciplinary research from five continents. It will explore the vast possibilities of highly complex systems that emerge from interconnected disciplinary foci of today’s science, medicine, and technology.

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2016.11.9 Medical PatrioticThere is a dramatic transition of power occurring in the United States.

That is, the Healthcare industry’s transition from volume-based care to value-based care. You didn’t think we were talking about The Election, did you?

The shift from pay for volume (fee-for-service) to pay for value (value-based care) is here. This can be an intimidating and confusing topic and many are wondering why this change is occurring. The truth is that the current volume based model has caused pain to many segments of the healthcare industry. So how can a value based model help alleviate this pain? Let’s take a look at the 4 P’s: Providers, Physicians, Payors, and Patients.

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  • Shannon Prather

Vincari's National Sales Demo - Tomorrow

Wednesday, November 2 at 11:00 a.m. Central / 12:00 p.m. Eastern

Join us for a 1 hour overview of Vincari's Lightspeed Valet, the only software worthy of surgeons' hands. Hear from a real user, Dr. Lucian Newman, III, and Jon Tulloch, Vincari's EVP of Sales. 

See the ONLY software worthy of surgeons' hands for yourself. Register today!

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  • Shannon Prather

Vincari Will Attend ACOS's Clinical Congress 2016

vincari logoVincari Will Attend the ACOS Clinical Congress October 17-19 in Washington, DC.
Stop by and say hello!

Vincari will be showing Lightspeed Valet - The Only Tool Worthy of Surgeon Hands. Vincari's Lightspeed Valet allows surgeons like myself to deliver ICD-10 specific details for immediate pro-fee billing, the first time, every time. 

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vincari logoVincari Will Attend the AHIMA Convention and Exhibit October 16-19 in Baltimore, MD. Stop by and say hello!

Vincari will be in Booth #304 showing our HIM Virtual Assistant for Physicians: The Only Tool Worthy of Surgeon Hands. Vincari allows physicians to deliver the ICD-10 specific details HIM professionals need, the first time, every time. 

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