Impact List

Coding and HIM Optimization

Physicians using Vincari will deliver highly specific and compliant documentation, 100% of the time.
This creates a single pass process that requires zero queries and delivers ICD-10 code-appropriate language at the point of care. Coders and CDI professionals will benefit from Vincari’s standard report format that makes finding critical information easy.
  • Provides value of a single pass
  • 92% of reports are signed and ready for coding within 24 hours
  • 100% of reports are ICD-10 Specific and Joint Commission Compliant
  • Eliminates queries
  • Standardizes your coding process

Physician Adoption and Alignment

Physicians embrace our intuitive platform because it saves them time, preserves their personal context, and speeds their reimbursement.
Because physicians developed Vincari, it mimics physician workflows versus a predetermined IT workflow. Vincari appeals to physicians who are frustrated with the hospital’s core EMR.
  • 85% physician adoption rate
  • Developed by physicians for physicians
  • Fast - Average report completed in 93 seconds
  • Charge Capture Report facilitates immediate pro-fee billing
  • Ensures facility billing matches pro-fee billing
  • Learns the individual physician’s practice behavior

Improved Reimbursement and Time-to-Bill

When using Vincari, physicians are prompted in real-time to include the necessary level of specificity for both diagnoses and procedures, thus producing code-appropriate language.
This includes the capture of comorbid conditions that better articulate the health complexity of the patient. This is all done at the point of care to ensure timely reporting.
  • CC/MCC Capture – Average 7.1% CMI Improvement
  • Ensures greater level of specificity
  • Improved coding efficiencies
  • 92% of reports are ready and available for coding within 24 hours